Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nail of the Week: OPI You Don't Know Jacques Suede

This polish was part of the OPI Suede Collection of 2009.  OPI released 6 suede versions of already released colors.  I do not own the original YDKJ, but I am glad that I got my hands on this version of the color.  This color is described as a taupe with golden undertones.  It is truly a color that must be seen to believe.   I thought it was going to look like mud, but after seeing some color swatches, I knew that it had to be mine.  It also looks wonderful with a top coat. 

Here, I used Seche Vite base coat (make sure it is completely dry before applying the nail polish) and then 2 coats of YDKJ suede.  I had major tip wear, chipping and peeling after only a few hours of taking these pictures.  

Now, I use Gelous brand nail treatment (the one with the green top).  This can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply Store.  It is the best base/top coat that I have used so far, and I have used quite a few.  I applied 2 thin coats of Gelous and 2 thin coats of You Don't Know Jacques suede.  The nail polish laid down perfectly.  No ridges, tip wear, chipping or peeling.  I was able to keep my manicure for a little over a week.

This product was purchased with my own money, for my own personal usage.  I am not affiliated with any of these companies.