Friday, March 18, 2011

CENTER OF ATTENTION: Garden of Wisdom Oxygen Rich Gel

Garden of Wisdom Oxygen Rich Gel

Oxygen Rich Gel  is another product from Garden of Wisdom that I will not be without.  I use it everyday as part of my morning routine.  I do not notice a smell when I use this product.  My skin does not feel dry or tight after using this gel. 

This product only includes 5 ingredients.  Stabilized oxygen, matcha green tea (wonderful for the skin) a moisturizer, a thickener and a preservative.  That is the kind of product that I want on my face.  None of the fillers that other companies use. 


Taken from Garden of Wisdom website:

"This product is our replacement for Benzoyl Peroxide.  As most know [from the forum] we are truly opposed to Benzoyl Peroxide.  From our research we have come to believe strongly that BP [benzoyl peroxide] although helping to kill the bacteria and fight acne, ages the skin tremendously over time.  Eventually this does stop working long term. We have discovered that BP is unstable causing free radicals while stabilized oxygen has the ability to fight the free radicals our skin is subjected to.  Although 'logical' in the thinking process we do not believe all oxygen products are created equal.  For those fighting acne, we feel they are lacking healthy oxygen to fight the bacteria.  Typically if not always acneic skin is acidic in nature so adding healthy oxygen [alkaline] will fight this condition without causing the aging process.  This product does NOT bleach the skin."


I found out about this product from a sample that they sent me with my order.  I would dab a bit of it on my skin as needed whenever my acne would flare up.  What I found was that the acne, if I got it in the later stages, would dry up and disappear almost overnight.  If I put this product on the acne when it first appeared, the flare up was not nearly as bad as it could have been, and my skin was less irritated, less red and was starting to clear up quickly. 

I love this product.  It is one of my best finds of the year last year.  I will not be without it EVAH again!  I give it 5 stars. 

This product was purchased with my own money for my own personal usage.  I am not affiliated with this company. 


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