About Me

I have been on a quest ever since I was a teenager to find the correct shade of foundation for my skin tone.  That was the extent of my "Makeup Revolution."  I discovered eye shadows, blush and the like in my late 20's and early 30's and have been taken over by a compulsion to collect makeup.  My first makeup dalliance was with Bare Escentuals.  I still remember the first QVC kit that I bought and I still have the eye shadows.  {sigh} It was all downhill from there.  Now, I love it all, drugstore to high end...it does not matter.  I buy, use and collect it all.  Makeup is my artistic outlet.  I never the house without foundation and lipstick.   I love all things beauty...from makeup to nail polish and the most delightful smelling bath/shower products.

While my makeup collecting is somewhat under control, it still flare up at times.  Mostly, I have moved from collecting little jars of colored decadence to collecting conditioners and hair styling products.  In quest of the perfect twist out and products to give me the most awesome shake n' go styles, I have transferred my love of makeup into an addiction of epic proportions.  I have become a hoarder of hair/styling products.  I have learned that there is a term for this "Product Junkie."  Cue scary music. 

So, in this blog I will share with you my tried and true favorite hair, skin and makeup products as well as any newly found products that have rocked my world.  From the small internet company doing business by word-of-mouth to the large mainstream companies that everyone knows.  If I do not like it, I will talk about it.  If I do like it, I will talk about it even more!   If it has become the Center of Attention, I will bring it to your attention.  All things beauty...Beauty Most Complete. 

Feel free to lurk, ask questions and/or make comments.  Thanks!