Sunday, September 16, 2012

That Girl with the Curly Hair...Chicoro's Pre-Poo Treatment

 I have always heard that aloe vera was good for the hair.  After going natural, I read many websites touting the benefits of aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel for the hair.  It is supposed to make the hair softer and has humectant properties to draw moisture to the hair.  It is also a staple ingredient in shealoe (shea butter and aloe).  For me, I have long suspected that aloe vera makes my hair dry!  I want to test out my theory.  Is aloe vera the culprit?  Is this what is contributing to my dry hair?  I have a bottle of inner fillet aloe vera juice and a hope of having softer more moisturized hair.  Off to the internet to find something that I can make that will give me what I am looking for. 

The recipe and my results after the break...

Friday, August 24, 2012

That Girl With the Curly Hair...Thirsty Hair

In my last post, I promised to bring you all some information about my new hair regimen.  I have decided to stop using so many commercial products on my hair and go back to an all natural (or mostly natural) hair care routine. 
As I described before, my 3c, 4a, 4b hair was shedding, breaking off and dry; like straw actually.  I was combing out a lot of hair during my detangling sessions. 
When I first went natural 4 years ago, the only products I used on my hair were what I could find around my house.  I mixed my own hair care products and my hair was much more healthy, moisturized, curly and even though I hardly combed it (maybe once or twice a month when I shampooed), there was not much shedding.  It was growing at a rapid pace.  More after the break...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This blog started out as a way for me to keep track of my makeup looks and has become a hair journal of sorts.  A place for me to keep track of the condition of my hair at various stages along my natural journey and also reviews of different products that I have tried.  I am starting a new segment to this blog called  THAT GIRL WITH THE CURLY I will share my thoughts/feelings about my hair and any new things that I am trying. 


Standing in the shower holding my wide-tooth shower comb, I have come to a realization; something is just not right.  Should I be combing out THIS much hair???  I know that you shed a lot of hairs per day (100+ per day??).  I do not comb my hair everyday, so....this is just normal shedding...right? What about that crunching sound?  Is your hair really supposed to sound like...feel like that when you touch it?  My curls have become a bush of frizz, dry and hard to the touch with knots and clumps of hair combing out.  Something has got to change.  More after the break...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm Still Here!!!

I know that it has been a long time (actually a very long time) since I last posted and I am sorry for that.  Been through alot of changes, but I will get back to posting very soon.  =o)