Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This blog started out as a way for me to keep track of my makeup looks and has become a hair journal of sorts.  A place for me to keep track of the condition of my hair at various stages along my natural journey and also reviews of different products that I have tried.  I am starting a new segment to this blog called  THAT GIRL WITH THE CURLY HAIR...here I will share my thoughts/feelings about my hair and any new things that I am trying. 


Standing in the shower holding my wide-tooth shower comb, I have come to a realization; something is just not right.  Should I be combing out THIS much hair???  I know that you shed a lot of hairs per day (100+ per day??).  I do not comb my hair everyday, so....this is just normal shedding...right? What about that crunching sound?  Is your hair really supposed to sound like...feel like that when you touch it?  My curls have become a bush of frizz, dry and hard to the touch with knots and clumps of hair combing out.  Something has got to change.  More after the break...

For the past few months I have been noticing several problems with my hair.  There has been a lot of shedding, breaking off and tangling/knots.  I just could not figure out what was going on.  The final straw was last month when I went to the hair salon and had the stylist cut off 2+ inches of hair.  Something has got to change. 

Finally, I think I have come to the crux of the situation; I am using too many products on my hair.  Even though most of these products are "natural", "organic" and/or contain many ingredients that are good for your hair they just were not good for MY hair.  Something has got to change. 

When I went natural 4 years ago, I wanted to go the completely natural route.  I became a mixtress and made my own hair care products.  My hair grew like wildfire.  I did research and read numerous websites for inspiration and knowledge.  I watched numerous videos.  While reading these blogs and watching these videos, everything that these ladies used, I wanted to try.  I became a "Product Junkie."  It was the beginning of the end as far as my hair was concerned.  I strayed away from my "all natural" mentality and started to try different haircare lines.  While there is nothing wrong with buying products from hair care companies either at a brick and mortar store or through the internet;  everyday, every week, every month I was using something new and different on my hair.  I was always looking for the "next good thing", the next be all/end all product that was going to do wonders for my hair.  My ingredient list went from 3 to over 10 or 15, including somethings I could not even pronounce.  Something has got to change. 

Now, I have decided to go back to what works best for my hair.  I am going back to a simple hair regimen.  Once again, I am doing research, reading numerous websites for inspiration and knowledge, watching videos, but this time something has changed, my mentality.  I know what works best for my hair, I have always known.  Now it is time for me to start paying attention to my hair.  What works for one curly head will not necessarily work for mine and visa versa.  Does this mean that I will completely stop buying products?  No, it just means that I will be more discerning.  I have found a handful of products from an all natural hair care line that my hair likes.  I will continue to use and buy them again.  I will post more on my new hair care regimen in the coming days.

Have you decided to simplify your hair care regimen or have you always had a simple hair care regimen? Please share.


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