Thursday, May 26, 2011

CENTER OF ATTENTION: Oyin Whipped Pudding

Today my CENTER OF ATTENTION series focuses on Oyin's Whipped Pudding.  I recieved this when I purchased the 4-piece hair care sampler.  My review after the break....

purified water; unrefined shea butter; organic aloe vera gel; cocoa butter; castor oil; coconut oil; sweet almond & olive oils; vegetable emulsifier; beeswax; palm stearic acid; vegetable glycerin; honey; optiphen (preservative); fragrance
I got this 2 ounce jar of Whipped Pudding as part of the 4-piece hair care sampler.  It is a thick cream made up my four favorite ingredients shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil and aloe vera gel.  This can be used for hair and for skin.  I just used it for my hair. 

I will start with the smell.  It smells like chocolate.  Puts me in the mind of devil's food cake.  Yummy goodness...but, do I really want my hair to smell like that?  My jar had what I would call a heavy scent, but after I left the top off for a few hours, the smell has lightened up somewhat. 

This is a very thick cream and it just soaked into my dry hair.  I was looking for something that would do just that since my hair has a tendency to be on the dry side.  I used this product in conjunction with the Burnt Sugar Pomade and the Shine & Define Serum and LOVED what I saw in the mirror.  My hair was shiny and moisturized, but not greasy looking.  It looked healthy.  My curl pattern was elongated into gentle waves.  I also got a few inches of length.  I had to let this emulsify in my hands before I put it on my hair as it is like melted plastic for lack of a better term.  Maybe paste-like would be better to describe it.  I also have used the Whipped Pudding and some water to smooth back my hair for a ponytail/puff and liked the results I got. 
I did not mind the smell of this product on its own, but when I used it in conjunction with the Burnt Sugar Pomade and the Shine & Define Serum I really wanted to throw up.  I wish that this product was offered  unscented then I could have to choice to add my own fragrance or not. 

I really think that I would repurchase this product even with the smell.  I like how it worked in conjunction with the other two above mentioned products and how my hair looked.  I would love to have this for use in the winter months. 

This product was purchased with my own money for my own personal usage.  I am not affiliated with this company. 


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