Thursday, January 27, 2011

CENTER OF ATTENTION: Carol's Daughter Tui Leave-in Conditioner

In the next segment of my CENTER OF ATTENTION series I am going to focus on the Tui Leave-in Conditioner.

Here is what it is supposed to do...taken from the Carol's Daughter website...

A Gentle Detangler. Ideal for Dry, Damaged Hair.

We love this because it:

  • Restores natural moisture

  • Is weightless

  • Controls unmanageable hair

  • Has Lavender, Calendula, Chamomile, Rose, Marigold and Larkspur Flowers

  • Can be used every day PLUS, it has NO Parabens, Petroleum, Mineral Oil or artifical color


    Positives first....once again, I love the smell!!!  It also contains ingredients that I would want on my hair and it comes in an easy to use spray bottle.  That is where the good ends for me. 

    I applied this to my hair and got nothing but a ball of frizz.  It did not moisturize my hair at all.  My hair was drier overall after I used this product.  I had no curl whatsoever, only frizz.  I tried applying it to wet hair after using the Carol's Daughter shampoo and smoothie.  I tried applying it to dry hair during the day to refresh my hair and got the same results either way.  Instead of getting "what in the world did you do to your hair" my family just looked at my hair, shook their heads and walked off without a word.  Really not the effect I was going for. 

    I thought maybe I had used too much and so I tried my experiment over again.  I used just two squeezes of the pump making sure to hold the bottle at arms length and let the product "rain down" on me, one squirt to the front of my head and one to the back.  I got the same results. 


    This product gets 1 star from me...for the smell.  Other than that, I would not buy it again. 

    I am not affiliated with this company.  These products were bought with my own money for my own personal usage.  The review given is my own and not influenced by anyone else. 


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