Friday, January 28, 2011

CENTER OF ATTENTION: Final thoughts on Carol's Daughter

My CENTER OF ATTENTION series this week has been focusing on Carol's Daughter hair products.  Here are my final thoughts on the 5 products that I tried.   


Each of the products had ingredients that are known to be good for hair, a variety of herbs and oils.  I thought the Herbal Shampoo showed this the best, and the fact that it is SLS free. 

Each product had its pros and cons.  While I loved the smells and textures of the products, I had to like what they did for my hair overall.  I found most of these products to be seriously lacking in that department and for that reason, all of the Carol's Daughters hair products that I tried were sent back. 

You cannot judge a whole product line by just a few items, but I found the ones that I tried to be seriously lacking.  Will I continue hair products from the Carol's Daughter line?  Probably so, and if they dont meet my criteria, I will return them as well. 


Out of all the products that I tried Jada's Dynamic Duo (Lisa's Elixir and the Hair Balm), Tui Shampoo and Smoothie set and the Tui Leave-in Conditioner; I would repurchase the Tui Herbal Shampoo.  What I like most of all was that it was SLS free and of course the smell. 

Tell me if you have used or currently use Carol's Daughters hair products.  What do you like about them?  What products, if any, would you suggest that I try next...that I would really like?

All reviews of products from this line can be found under the Carol's Daughter tab to the right side of this blog. 

I am not affilliated with this company.  Any products bought were purchased with my own money and for my own personal usage.  The reviews given are my opinion alone and not influenced by anyone else.


  1. When time permits please do a review on the mimosa hair honey.

  2. I am wearing it today. I will make sure to review it soon. :D


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