Monday, January 24, 2011

CENTER OF ATTENTION: Carol's Daughter Jada's Dynamic Duo

CENTER OF ATTENTION:  Jada's Dynamic Duo (Lisa's Elixir and the Hair Balm)

Here is what it is supposed to do...straight from the Carol's Daughter website. 

Jada's Secret for Beautiful Hair. "I attribute my long, beautiful hair to Lisa's Hair Elixir and Hair Balm." - Jada Pinkett Smith.

We love these products because they are the perfect couple for beautiful hair.

This Duo Contains:

  • Lisa's Hair Elixir to soothe the scalp, prevent breakage and soften hair

  • Hair Balm to prevent breakage, moisturize, condition and boost shine PLUS, both products have NO Parabens, Petroleum, Mineral Oil or artificial color


    I will start with Lisa's Elixir first.  This oil has a wonderful peppermint smell.  It included ingredients that I would not mind putting on my hair; such as sweet almond oil, olive oil and ingredients that I know are good for the hair such as peppermint and sage.  This is the only positive I found about this product.  I applied it to both wet and dry hair using only the very smallest of amounts.  I used this one time on wet hair after getting out of the shower.  I then read that it was mostly supposed to be used as an oil treatment.  I dont know if this is true, but it made sense so I decided to use it in this manner.  I applied it to my hair and wrapped it in a silk scarf and went to bed.  I found that this product made my hair dry and strawlike.  When I was testing this product, it was the only new thing that I had applied to my hair.  People were asking me what was the matter with my hair.  It did not soften my hair at all.  I even applied it to a new batch of shea butter that I made and my usually creamy shea butter mixture became DRY! 

    I give this product 1 star...that is for the smell only.  I will not be repurchasing this product. 


    Now the second part of this Dynamic Duo. 

    First of all, let me start with the positives.  The Hair Balm...most of the ingredients were ingredients that I would not mind putting on my hair; such as sweet almond oil, shea butter, wheat germ oil....  It had a smell and color of honey.  A little bit went a long way.  That is where the goodness stopped IMO.  I found the texture to be grainy, but would resolve after being emulsified in the hands (I found this out after doing some reading online).  My bottle arrived slightly separated with a layer of oil on the top.  I did not find that this product moisturized my hair.  I found that it sat on top of my hair, never really sinking in.  It did make my hair shiny though.   

    I know I am going to get questions/comments about this so I will state it up front.  I used the smallest squirt from the bottle.  My hair length is mid-back with shrinkage to shoulder length.  I used just this small squirt and applied to my hair section by section.  I used this product on both wet and dry hair.  Alone and in conjunction with Lisa's Elixir.  While I tested this product, I only used Carol's Daughter products on my hair...sometimes washing with the shampoo and using the smoothie before.  Never did I apply other products to my hair to make sure I was getting the best result. 


    I give the Hair Balm 2 stars...1 for smell and 1 because it did make my hair shiny, as it stated that it would.  Even though it smelled wonderful...I would not buy this again.  It is just not for my hair. 

    I would love to hear your opinions on both of these products.  Tell me how you use them and why they work for you. 

    I am not affiliated with this company.  These products were bought with my own money to be used personally by me.  The review given is my personal opinion and not influenced by anyone else. 

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    1. I actually have been using the balm for a while and it is quite good. On top of the smell, it makes my hair soft and shiny but not stringy.


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