Monday, January 24, 2011


CENTER OF ATTENTION:  Carol's Daughter hair products

Oh Carol's I had such high hopes for thee.
Your Almond Cookie fragrance won me over...the perfume, the body butter. 
Hair products would be next on the list...the natural progression of exploring this line.
Over a hundred dollars of products later...why is my hair clumped and dry? 
Back to HSN your products went...why oh why did I ever decide to give them a try?

This week, my CENTER OF ATTENTION series will be focusing on Carol's Daughter hair products.  Let me give you some background on me and my hair.  According to what I have read, my hair is a little bit 3c/4a/4b all mixed together.  I have been natural for almost 3 years.  I did the Big Chop Thanksgiving week 2008.  I use the "no poo" method to "wash" my hair and only use shampoo about 2 times a month.  I use natural products for my hair including unrefined shea butter and unrefined coconut oil.  My hair does very well with a glycerin/water mix.  I have not put any heat to my hair in the past year to year and a half. 

I had been hearing such good things about Carol's Daughter.  Her products were all the rage for women and for naturals in particular.  Carol's Daughter's products have been on my "to try list" for years, but I always thought they were too expensive for me to try.  I recently had been reading some mixed reviews on the CD hair products, but I decided to give them a try for myself before writing them off totally. 

Well, while recooperating from a car accident in Dec 2010 and watching HSN, I decided that some of the deals were too good to pass up.  Shipping and handling was $1.99 for goodness sakes...what more could I have asked for?  I was getting my chance to try Carol's Daughter!!!

I ended up ordering the Jada's Dynamic Duo (Lisa's Hair Elixir and the Hair Balm), Tui Shampoo and Tui Smoothie set, Tui Leave-in Conditioner.

This week I will profile each of the hair products...what they were supposed to do...and what they actually did.  I will give my honest opinion and let you know if I would be repurchasing.


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