Thursday, April 7, 2011

Goody Spin Pins Review

I have been eyeing these pins since they first came out.  They called out my name everytime I walked past the display.  But, for $6.00??!?!?!  They cannot possibly be worth $6.00...can they?  After doing some research, having read many reviews and seen a video on how they are supposed to work, I finally could not take it anymore and succumb to the force.  My review after the break....

I wear my hair in a bun sometimes, and would like to do so more often if I did not have to stick so many pins in it.  My hair is also on the thicker side and there is nothing like finding bobby pins on the floor surrounding your desk because they have been popping out of your bun all day or realizing at the end of the day that your bun is sticking out all crazy.  Wonder how long it has been like that???  This was the main reason for me wanting to try the Goody Spin Pins. 

I was at Walmart when the force took over.  I went in for some conditioner, and walked out with the Goody Spin Pins instead.  After I got this home, I could not open the package fast enough.

The Goody Spin Pins are supposed to take the place of 20 bobby pins for people who like to wear their hair up.  It is offered in two colors, brunette and blonde.  I was looking for black, but did not see a slot for it and so I got the brunette instead.  To insert the pins you spin them clockwise, to remove spin counterclockwise.  It is as simple as that. 

I did not follow the directions printed on the package.  I just made my bun like I have made it so many times before and while holding it with one hand, screwed in the pins.  I screwed in one from the top going downward, and the other I screwed in from the bottom going upward.  Make sure that you do not interlock the pins. 

The main thing that I like at this product is that it does not pull my hair out.  It does not have the two plastic ends on it like a bobby pin does.  It is really good for people with natural hair.  I have 3c/4a/4b hair and I did not have any trouble inserting or removing these pens.  They hold your bun tight or loose.  I like a tight bun and these pins did not hurt my scalp, pull/tug at my hair and best of all, they stayed in all day. 

Yes, in a heartbeat.  They are well-worth the money in my opinion.  Also, they were cheaper than the price that was listed.  So, get them.  You might just save some money and get a great, fast, easy way to do you hair. 

This product was purchased with my own money for my own personal usage.  I am not affiliated with this company. 


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