Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CENTER OF ATTENTION: Garden of Wisdom Overview

The CENTER OF ATTENTION this week is focused on Garden of Wisdom (GoW).  What is Garden of Wisdom you may ask?  It is a small online based company offering the best skincare products that I have found in a long long time.  Their products are made in small batches so that they are sent to you fresh each time.  They have skincare tailored to your specific skin type. 

I was introduced to Garden of Wisdom by the ladies of another forum that I go on often.  They raved about the products and the owner Markey.  I decided to give it a try.  After all, it couldnt make my skin look any worse right???

Let me tell you about my skin.  I have oily, acne prone, blemish prone skin.  I am 31 and still have the skin of a teenager.  I have cystic acne break out, hormonal break outs, stress induced break outs...name something and chances are it makes my skin break out! 

I ended up ordering the Blemish prone kit from GoW.  I loved everything about the regimen and how it made my skin look.  This was the best that my face had looked since before puberty.  I even figured out how to DIY some of the products.  But, I didnt get full sizes of all of the products.  Mistake #1. 

Here we are some 2 years later andmy skin is a mess.  I have been trying other products and nothing is working.  Lightbulb moment!  Garden of Wisdom!!!   I have decided that I NEED  to get the items from this kit.  They arrived a few weeks ago and I have been using them ever since. 

This week I will be focusing on the items from this kit, what they are supposed to do and how to use them in the regimen.  Just basically my opinion/review of them. 

If you have used GoW products in the past let me know how you like them. 

These products were purchased with my own money for my own personal usage.  I am in no way affiliated with this company.  The review given is my own opinion. 


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