Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My Garden of Wisdom Haul!!!!

Today, my CENTER OF ATTENTION series is going to focus on the two cleansers that are included in the Blemish Prone Skin Care kit.  The two cleansers are the Cleansing Pads and liquid and the Simply Clean Tea Tree Cleanser.  I use both of these cleansers daily.  The pads and liquid in the mornings and the tea tree cleanser in the evenings.  They are the beginning of my routine...cleansing. 

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First, lets focus on the Cleansing Pads and liquid:

Garden of Wisdom Cleansing Pads and Liquid

Here is what the refill looks like. 

This cleanser comes in a jar, 50 pads to the jar, with some liquid included in the jar.  You can see it to the right in my "haul picture."  Smell....I dont notice a smell at all when using these pads.  I bought the refill this time so that I would not run out anytime soon.  The refill comes in a plastic bag within a plastic bag.  Each bag has been sealed.  The bag inside contains the moist pads.  The bag on the outside contains the liquid and is heat sealed.  If you do buy this cleanser, make sure not to throw out the jar.  Just put the contents of the refill into the jar and you are good to go. 

This cleanser is filled with wonderful goodness for the skin.  It is a gentle soap, but gets the job done.  Some ladies like to use it in the evenings to remove makeup, but I like to use it in the mornings.  To each her own! 

The base of this cleanser is soapnuts.  What are soapnuts?  They are basically the berries of a certain plant found in India and other places in the world that contains a soaping agent.  This agent is gained by boiling the berries.  Native peoples around the world ,as well as Native Americans, have been using this in folk remedies and it is most likely the soaping agent in most ayurvedic shampoos and cleansers.

Other than soapnuts, ingredients include extracts and acids to help heal and cleanse the skin without leaving it dry. 


Taken from the Garden of Wisdom website:

"Made with a gentle base of Aritha Soap Nut Liquid, our Cleansing Pads gently remove gunk from daily activities without stripping the skin barrier of essential oils and moisture. Boosted with red rooibos tea extract, these cleansing pads offer hydration and the simple ease of using a pad-based cleanser that is suited for all skin types. Lactic acid and willow bark extract are gently exfoliating and astringent, helping to fight blemishes and control oil production. Softly sudsing, our Cleansing Pads clean your skin, leaving it bright and naturally fresh."

I have found this cleanser to be very cleansing.  I use it in the morning with just a small bit of warm water.  One pad is all I need to cleanse my skin.  There is no drying or tightening of my skin after using.  No stickiness either.  I have not exprienced any adverse reaction to using this product.  My skin does look very clean and is not stripped.  When using this as part of the blemish prone skin care regimen, my skin became clearer, blemishes lightened and oiliness was controlled. 

Stay tuned...Part  2 is coming up soon! 

This product was purchased with my own money for my own personal usage.  This review is my own opinion and not influenced by anyone else.  I am not affiliated with this company in any way. 


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